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Bodypositive is a fashionable word today. It is debated on all online platforms: tens of thousands of influencers, businesses and just people around the world can’t decide whether or not to support body positivity. But while not everyone has decided, some big stars have already spoken out publicly in support of this trend. Let’s find out who exactly.

  1. Rihanna

The beautiful singer from Barbados is known to the general public primarily for her unforgettable voice. As for physical shape, Rihanna has looked different in different years, lately she does not hide her rounded shapes and looks luxurious. But Rihanna is not limited to her own body. Her lingerie brand Fenty has attracted worldwide attention by being the first to bring body-positive models to the catwalks in lingerie. Against the background of many years of criticism of Viktoria’s Secret shows, this made a great impression on the fashion world.

  1. Chrissy Teigen

John Legend’s wife has been a model in the past. Her figure still causes admiration and envy. But you don’t have to have a non-standard figure to maintain a body positive. Chrissy talked a lot in interviews about the changes in her body during both pregnancies and even posted photos of stretch marks on social media, emphasizing that they should not be ashamed. She also often shares photos without makeup and post-processing.

  1. Ashley Graham

Ashley became the first model and TV presenter of plus size. In those two years, she always saw her body as an advantage, not a disadvantage, and now she aims to tell as many women in the world as possible that success, happiness, and even popularity don’t depend too much on weight. Two years ago, she also published a book about her path to success in the world of fashion and show business. Ashley also continues to be a popular model working with the biggest brands.


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